Update September 17, 2020

Hi All Stouffville Pickleball Players

We have 64 players coming to the Year End Social on Saturday September 26th.

We are limiting the attendance to 64 players so if you plan to attend and have not signed up yet you will be on the wait list. If you have already signed up and have decided that you can not attend please e-mail me and tell us that you will not be attending so someone on the wait list can attend .

We will be having sandwiches that will be individually wrapped by Longo’s employees and we will have them out using tongs to avoid player to player contamination plus we will have snacks all individually wrapped.

The disinfecting table will be set up with hand sanitizer, soap and water for hand washing, a sign in book and a bleach / water solution to disinfect the balls once they have been used.

Masks: If you can not wear one please consider not attending  the Year End Social:

Everyone will be required to wear a mask when registering. When you are not playing we will require everyone to social distance and wear a mask.  Safety for all our members has always been our main objective while playing Pickleball.

Please bring your own chair if you want to sit while waiting to play. Only 32 players can be on the courts at a time thus around 32 players will be sitting and / or mingling. Do not sit in someone else’s chair.

We will have 3 categories (Social. Intermediate and Competitive) that players can put their paddles in while waiting to play. It is up to you to decide which category you play in. Please make sure your name is clearly marked on your paddle.

Hope to see you at the social.

Future of Pickleball in Stouffville

Below is the message that the Town has sent about Fall and Winter indoor Pickleball and what is happening with the construction of the outdoor courts.

Thanks for a great summer, as it was we still had over 140 members and 40 of them were new to the club.

As you may or may not know, the Leisure Centre has been gradually reopening, beginning July 20th with the introduction of the pool and library, and on Aug 24th the fitness centre opened.  A slow and gradual reopening is critical in order to understand needs, protocols and staff capacities. Our gymnasium currently remains closed.  In terms of indoor Pickleball and other indoor gym (typical drop-in) programs, we are planning on offering some limited indoor Pickleball times this fall, starting after Thanksgiving – however, a registration and screening process will be required for the time being.  I will have the draft program schedule within the next week and can share the details once I have all of the information.  As an early warning, we will be stretched this fall to accommodate all of our program needs given our limited participant capacities and physical distancing requirements as per Provincial Order (50 persons indoor), our required cleaning protocols, and limited staff capacities.  It is still too early to speak about plans for the winter as we are currently only planning in small intervals at this point.

In terms of the development of our permanent courts, the Request for Proposal for design services and contract management has now closed and staff are in the process of selecting the landscaping firm that will be designing the new Pickleball/Tennis infrastructure and surrounding space and managing this project.  We are aiming to have the firm in place by Thanksgiving.  Once that process is complete, we will begin our work, including stakeholder discussions and community consultation.  We will be in touch in November with respect to this project.

See you on the courts or in the gym soon.

Dennis Carter