July 10 update – Getting Future information from the Stouffville Pickleball Players using the Global Pickleball Network

Hello Stouffville Pickleball Players
Needless to say this season has been a strange one for Pickleball. First dealing with all the concerns and restrictions created by Covid-19 and for the last week surviving the heat. As we continue to navigate this unprecedented situation the goal is to continue to find ways to improve the membership experience for all of you. We started off thinking we would need to have reserved courts but that shifted to a controlled drop-in. For many days this works fine but for others, people travel long distances to find the courts empty or almost empty. To assist with this situation we are asking that all members REGISTER FOR ANY DAY AND TIME THAT THEY ARE PLANNING TO PLAY. This can be done days or hours ahead of attending.
Most of you are wondering HOW THE HECK DO I DO THAT. For those of you that are already members of the GLOBAL PICKLEBALL NETWORK (GPN) and the STOUFFVILLE PICKLEBALL PLAYERS NETWORK it is super easy. Go to the Stouffville network (Click Link Below) and in the Menu just under the picture of allot of great looking pickleball players click on the event heading. That will take you to a page listing every event available. Pick your first applicable date and click on it. On the event page you will see a box on the right that is titled Event Registration. Click yes then update. If you want to register for other events repeat this process.
We have set a limit for every session of 32 people. As people sign up when you go back to GPN you will be able to see who is coming for each session.
Register now with Global Pickleball Network
63 of the 106 Members have signed up for the Global Pickleball Network. If you are one of those that have not we need you to take the plunge. It is very easy to use and the price is right (FREE). After reviewing several systems to run the Stouffville Pickleball Players club GPN proved to be the both best value and provided the most functionality. To join click on this link  https://www.globalpickleball.network/network/register/3511-stouffville-pickleball-players
If you are not a member of the Stouffville Pickleball Players for 2020 but you plan to be a member once the Covid-19 is over you can still register with the Golbal Pickleball Network.
This should be a one step process and when you are finished you can follow the instructions above for registering for drop-in events.
If you have any problems reach out to chuck@cam11pickleball.ca and he will help you.
Thank you for your support this year and I hope you are enjoying the Pickleball.
Stay Safe and see you on the courts.