Drop-in format

Hi All Stouffville Pickleball Players

How we conducting everyday pickleball at the Pickleball Courts on the Ninth Line

Currently we are having a “Drop In” Format. You can not reserve a court

We have 8 courts with two players on each court. Once you have completed a game come off the court and see if anyone waiting wants to use the court. We are suggesting that every time a court comes free every one moves down one court to the WEST. Thus the free court becomes the most easterly court and players can limit the number of times they have to pass close to another player on the courts. The most common time players are playing is between 10:00 and 11:00 so to avoid large numbers of players wanting to play all at once please consider arriving at 11:00 or 12:00

Please complete a application form and send it with the registration fee. Fill out and pay for a membership with Pickleball Ontario.

When you get to the courts these are your responsibilities:.

1) Sign in in the “Sign in Book” so we can keep track of the players that attended each day.

2) Set up the net. Preferred that you use gloves and remove them by turning them inside out when discarding them so you will not contaminate anyone else. If you are using your bare hands disinfect them using soap and water or hand sanitizer.

3) Take a “Clean Ball” out of the clean ball bin and play the Skinny Singles play with one other player. When you have finished playing with that player or want to play with another partner put the ball in the “Disinfection Balls” Bin (White Bin). Spray the ball with the “Bleach/Water” solution then drop the ball in “Drying Bin” (Green Bin) to dry. The Bleach/Water solution should be on the ball approx. 5 minutes. See Attached “Disinfecting Table”

4) If you are going to play with another players take a “Clean Ball” and repeated step # 3

5) In between games and when you are finished playing wash your hands with soap and water or use the hand sanitizer.

6) Stay healthy and try to keep the players around you healthy.

If you have any suggestions to make playing Pickleball at our courts safer please e-mail me and we will consider your suggestions. 

Dennis Carter

Our web site address is https://www.pickleballstouffville.ca