August 2 Update and Reminders

Hi All Stouffville Pickleball PlayersNow that we have some more freedom, we are playing doubles Pickleball and are getting more players out to play. On Friday we had over 30 players

We must continue to be diligent in keeping the Covid-19 virus away from our players and courts.  We must continue to disinfect the balls when we come off the court, wash or sanitize our hands before and after games, sign the Sign In book when you arrive and keep social distancing at all times. If you prefer to wear a mask while playing please do so. If you do not feel comfortable playing doubles request a player to play singles when it is your turn to play. Safety is our first concern.

Please bring your own chair if you want to sit while waiting to play at the courts. Do not sit on someone else’s chair.  

Keep your paddle and bag away from other players equipment. You can take your bag inside the court and hang it on the fence to get it out of the way if you prefer.  

Separate your paddles when putting them along the fence when waiting to play.

We try and get everyone to play and if there are only a few players it is difficult to separate players into Competitive and Social Players. Please try and arrange games where Competitive players play Competitive Players and Social Players play Social Players. It is never fun being the one player in the wrong group and either all the balls or none of the balls are being hit to you.

We will put out two signs one indicating “Competitive” and one indicating “Social “ please put your paddle in the appropriate area when waiting to play

Please remember we are all in this Covid-19 together be polite to each other, have fun and stay safe.

Dennis Carter